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As a woman, I love to see other women start successful business careers, even more so when the product is handcrafted and made in the USA. More women need to support each other with the only intention of being rewarded with good karma. Sisterhood seems to be a dying concept in the modern world. Recently I was contacted by the lovely owner and creator of Soothing Eyes Eye Covers, Nancy Brunetti Blomquist, asking if I'd like to test a pair. She was also lovely enough to let me select my choice of color. Help empower women in small business endeavors and purchase your own pair of Soothing Eyes at the Kickstarter website, after which will be available for sale at the brand website in two weeks. Girl power! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Soothing eye covers for facials, treatments, or just relaxing. Blocks direct visible and UV light. 100% Handmade. Natural and flexible

"Soothing" cover is placed on the right eye,
 "Eyes" cover is placed on the left eye

Soothing Eyes are handmade from natural material. The outer shell is hypoallergenic and made from flexible medical grade silicone. Packaging is made from biodegradable plastic. Soothing Eyes are shaped to fit comfortably over closed eyelids. Soothing Eyes are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, so feel free to place in the freezer for a soothing cool.

Opinion: I found soothing eyes to have several practical uses. When placed in the freezer then applied on my lids, they helped comfort the eye area during a headache. The material is comfortable and fit my lids perfectly. Each cover is meant to be placed on a different lid, the one marked Soothing is for the right eye and the one marked Eyes is for the left eye. When laying down, the covers stay put while blocking out all light. If you use soothing eyes at the beach, they block out harmful UV rays. This is a good way to prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area when sunbathing. Another way that I used them was when applying my eye mask treatment. I found it helps you relax better when your waiting around for the product to work. Soothing Eyes is useful, offers safe sun protection, comforting during a stress headache and perfect for sunbathing. I would definitely recommend you try them out. In the process, you'll be helping a Kickstarter company launch a successful made in the USA product. To purchase, simply click on both links below. Let me know what you think.

Availability: $15 For the next 2 weeks they can be purchased at Kickstarter
After that they'll be available on  Soothing Eyes


  1. Great idea. Your first photo is beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a great product.

  3. Thank U. Share the love, pass it on XOXO


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