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Recently I was asked to try a sample of Natures Science Vegan Omega-3 Vitamins. As a vegetarian, knowing that the vitamins are plant based and not made from chemicals, makes me feel good about taking them. Supplements are a great way to give the body the essential nutrients it needs when not getting enough on your own. Read more below and take advantage of the promotion and 25 pound weight-loss challenge. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Nature's Science VEGAN OMEGA-3™ is a vegan friendly Omega-3 supplement which also contains Omega's 6 and 9 and is made from plant based marine algae. It contains 5X more DHA per day than krill oil.
Contains Omega's 3, 6 & 9
Fish Free Omega-3
No Fishy Aftertaste
No Mercury Risk
Plant Based

Opinion: Firstly, the vitamins have absolutely no weird taste or scent so they're easy to take. Packed with Vegan Omega-3, 6 and 9, they give you all the essential nutrients the body needs. I would also like to mention that they contain no harmful mercury since they are plant based from marine algae. Omega-3 has many benefits, one of which are that the healthy fatty acids aid in weight loss. It also helps ease joint pains, lowers cholesterol, help fight wrinkles, to name a few of the good ways it contributes to a better physical body. If you're looking for Omega-3 supplements but are afraid of mercury in the ingredients, try out Natures Science and start improving your health.

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  1. Sounds like a great product. The vegan, no mercury aspect is appealing.

  2. It's all vegan and natural XOXO


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