Le Couvent Des Minimes Beneficial Rose Cleansing Milk

Le Couvent Des Minimes Beneficial Rose Cleansing Milk is now the second product that I've tested from the collection. If you recall I reviewed the orange oil after splurging on it as a birthday treat. Click here to read that review. This brand is cruelty free, well established and everything they make seems rather fancy! The downside is they're hard to find in the states and the price points are high. If you want natural, luxurious old world crafted skincare then you might consider trying them out. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Inspired by the well known skincare benefits of Roses, (which were key flowers in the Convent's Gardens), this Cleansing Milk gently removes make-up from the face, lips and eyes. The mineral-oil free formula harnesses the benefits of 3 types of Rose to leaving your skin clean, soft and delicately scented.

Original Recipe: 
Damascena Rose water: Refreshes and softens
Gallica Rose + Wild Rose seed lotion: Hydrates
Wild Rosehip polyphenols: Restores radiance and protects against free radicals

  Tips: Apply with a cotton pad to the face, lips and eyes, and reapply until the cotton pad comes away clean. You can also apply it directly to the skin, massaging with your fingertips. Remove the excess with a clean cotton pad or a tissue. 

Formula: the cleansing milk is really thick with a gel-like lotion consistency but once it makes contact on the skin it dissolves into a watery substance much like Micellar water. I'm not a rose scented product fan but the perfume here is subtle with three different types of beneficial roses in the formula. It's safe to apply over eyelids, lips and face. You apply a small amount to cotton pads and wipe away without use of water. Repeat until your makeup is removed. With a light foundation, I need about two applications and maybe three with heavier make-up. This cleanser  leaves the skin really soft and hydrated so it's perfect for dry or sensitive skin types. The downside is that the fill weight won't last a long time since the product dispenses as a lotion and not a cleaning water meaning you'll use up more. Plus removing thicker foundation will require more product. It's also pricier for the size and hard to find in the states. If you need soothing comfort and extra moisture for really dry skin then it's worth the fancy bottle and price. I'm using this less than my other cleanser/toners so it won't empty as quickly. The packaging is beautiful and the bottle is refillable if you want to recycle it for your vanity table. It's one of those sweet little indulgences to treat yourself to.

Availability: Select retailers, UK merchants, $18 7 ounces


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