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More fabulous natural, organic and cruelty free products from the French based brand, Acorelle. Today's hair removal wax collection review will feature Cold Wax Strips, Ylang Flower + Sugar Cane Roll-On Wax and White Lily Beeswax Wax Kit. All of the products are made with certified organic and natural wax and ingredients. Perfect for summer legs! Stay Beautiful! XOXO.

Ylang Flower Cane Sugar Roll-On 

100% NATURAL GENTLENESS, certified organic wax contains, fair trade cane sugar from Paraguay. Enriched with essential oils of Ylang with soothing virtues and natural glycerine with moisturising properties, The roll-on format is designed to apply the wax in thin, regular, homogenous strips in a single gesture for optimal hair removal. Any wax residue can be easily rinsed off with hot water for a flawless result. It's new, even more effective formula, eliminates hairs and follicles for a flawless, long-lasting result.
Opinion: The roll-on applicator was easy to use and non-messy. The kit contains strips to lift and remove wax. It's even convenient for the underarm area as the roll-on contours nicely on your body. I found it was comfortable to hold the applicator upside down when applying the product. The wax was gentle on my sensitive skin and I didn't experience any irritations. A fabulous, natural hair removal item. I loved using this the most out of all of them. 11.20 Euro

White Lily Extract Beeswax
The formula with natural pine resin is efficient on short hairs and guarantees professional results up to 4 weeks long. Perfect for a complete waxing of sensitive parts (underarms, bikiniline, face). Can be easily spread in very thin layer after a quick heating in the microwave (2min). No strips needed to take it off. An exclusive formula certified by Ecocert, perfect to remove smoothly all types of hairs. Contains organic beeswax and white lily extract with soothing and protective benefits. 

Opinion: The organic and natural wax was easy to melt in the microwave and application was not messy. I love the little wooden paddle that's included in the box that helped to make applying easy. No strips were required to peel off the product and hairs were removed quickly. You can apply the wax on the upper lip area as well to remove fine hairs. This was also gentle on my sensitive skin and no burning sensation was experienced. 8.15 Euro

Cold Wax Strips

 Enriched with organic beeswax and moisturizing and soothing aloe vera, perfume free, rosin free and paraben free, it has been formulated to minimize the coetaneous reactions and respect the most sensitive skins. Exclusive formula, efficient on short hairs, and long-lasting results up to 4 weeks. Ready-to-use strips for an express and riskless use, and a post hair removal care to remove the possible wax residues and soften skin
Opinion: I found the cold wax strips perfect for quick touch-ups. The wax product is already adhered to the strips and includes a vial of soothing oil for after use. The post hair removal oil helped moisturize the area well. No painful irritations occurred on the skin. A fabulous way to remove hair on larger body areas such as legs and arms. 8.80 Euro
Availability: Acorelle, Whole Food Stores, NYC, Health Stores


  1. That roller wax applicator looks good <3

  2. Sounds like nice products.=)

  3. If more ladies request this brand in stores it might be more readily available in U.S. outlets XOXO


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