Grab a curling iron because Curly Hair is the summers hottest trend! First spotted on this season's fashion runways, girls everywhere are sporting the style. Whether you'll be rockin defined curls or beachy waves, make sure to use a professional iron and really good styling spray. My choice is Pureology Colour Fanatic. It protects the hair from heat, extends color and gives your locks the most outrageous definition and bounce! I'll link my past review for that below. And if your hair is naturally curly like mine then all you have to do is wash and go. Celebrate the curls! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

trendy new curling irons available at Ulta

As the old Italian saying goes... La donna riccia, ogni riccio un capriccio

capricco:ca-pree-chee-oh!: rebel /free /no rules /each curl is a whim


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