As not to bore you with another seventies inspired trend report, here's the flip-side of the iconoclast inspired mode, the Rich Gypsy, or rich hippy, was the 70's Bohemian style's wealthy sister. The look consisted of the same billowy peasant skirts, fringe, embroidered and folk inspired clothing but with a luxurious twist. The strong gypsy overtones rooted in traditional Russian folk elements, fused extravagant fabrics with gorgeous ornate embroidery. As you guessed it, the common folk or hippies donned the more sparse garbs while the elite fashionista's of that decade wore ultra elaborate and embellished pieces, hence the rich hippy moniker. The opulent gypsy meets rock star look has undergone a modern revival and is back in trend. Dresses featured above can be purchased at So are you a hippy gypsy or a gilded hippy? Have a fabulous weekend! Stay Beautiful! XOXO


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