Oh boy. Here we go. Another diet plan that's trending. I think it's safe to assume we have tried them all. Soup diet, the protein diet, the Paleo caveman diet, the cabbage diet, and so forth...  Is this new one just another fad? The 3-1-2-1 Clean and Cheat Diet Method invented by Dolvett Quince, celebrity trainer, promises that this really works. How does it work? Using this technique the body is supposedly confused by its natural function of slowing down the metabolism when you cut calories. The method also makes use of clean eating discussed below. I have yet to give this a try but will post an update after I do. Has anyone heard of this? Are you ready to 3-1-2-1? Stay Healthy! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

The Method:
Eat clean for 3 days.
Cheat for 1 day.
Eat clean for 2 more days.
Feast on a meal of your choice on the 7th day.

What's clean eating?
Apparently this is some sort of trendy eating plan when it's actually been around since the beginning of time. Generations of my family have been eating like this -- another version of Mediterranean eating -- and it's what I grew up on. Basically it's fresh, unprocessed food and anything you cook for yourself from scratch. To be more specific: lean protein including fish and vegetable protein and less or smaller portion of meat, leafy greens, fresh fruits, legumes, nuts, olive oil and healthy carbs.

What not to eat: white starches, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, processed foods and sauces and the obvious junk food. Some of the items listed below are suggested by the author, the rest by me. Eating clean my entire life qualifies me to comment on the subject.

What can you eat?
Whole foods
Lean fish and meat
Legumes, beans: such as lentils, chickpeas
Healthy starches like sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, grains, oatmeal
Fresh fruits like berries and fresh leafy greens and vegetables like spinach and kale
Mineral water, seltzer, coffee, tea with no sweeteners
Almonds, walnuts, sunflowers seeds
Olive oil, fresh olives flaxseed oil, NO butter
If you eat dairy, (fresh made only mozzarella) is unprocessed and without sugar or eat low fat

The author reminds you to exercise and eat three small meals, weight train and lose up to ten pounds in 21 days. You can buy his book, 3-1-2-1 on Amazon or other book stores. I'm not being paid to endorse him. I just thought I'd share this as a health post.

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