Brush cleaners are everywhere. After spotting a pricey one at Sephora I wanted to try it but had doubts if it was worth the money. Then I heard about Brush Egg, a lower priced version and a blogger favorite, so I caved in and purchased one. It's not exactly a must have product but rather more like a useful little beauty tool. Have your tried this? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Opinion: Brush egg is made of a durable, thick and lightweight silicone material. There's a pocket in the center where you place your fingers to hold the egg. Using the grooved edge side, you lather on soap or any brush cleaner of your choice. Then you simply run the brush bristles in a circular motion and clean the make-up off the brush head. Occasionally you rinse with water and repeat. It's easy to work with but I had to use my fingers anyway to fully squeeze out the make-up residue. I think it's better suited to an expensive brush or a gentle tipped bristle head, otherwise it's not really that amazing. I paid under ten dollars for it so it was a good deal. I believe eBay might even sell them for less. This is more of a useful tool than something you desperately can't live without. I'm wondering if the higher end brands are the same and if so then they're not worth more than they're retailed at.

Availability: Mass Retail, eBay $5 to $12


  1. Looks cute. Too bad it's not what you expected.

  2. Great review. It doesn't sound like something I need.

  3. Have you seen the larger mitt cleaner? It's shaped like a glove. This looks easier to hold <3

  4. I wash my brushes with alcohol and use my hands. They come out clean with no damage.


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