In the ever rapid changing world of fashion and beauty fads, oftentimes unusual inspiration comes along that helps break up the monotony of daily habits. This seasons latest beauty trend is Face Baking. If you haven't heard about this yet it's because the technique is an insider make-up artist trick. Yes, you read correctly. Baking your face is what the cool kids do. And no actually heating of the face involved. Intrigued so far? What face baking actually is: it's when you apply copious amounts of fine finishing powder on the under eye area and top portion of the cheeks then allow it to sit anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. This is the "baking" process. After which you vigorously blend in the powder. What this does is conceal and set the under eye area, highlights the upper cheeks and center features of your face. The principle behind baking is that by allowing the powder to bake, the natural oils on your face will melt the product into your skin creating a creamy, flawless finish that sets your look. It's meant to work wonders for keeping under eye area concealed all day without budging. Who doesn't want a seamless perfect finish? At first I laughed because I was skeptical about a heavy powder application but for testing purposes I donated my face to the baking cause and was impressed. Are you ready to get baked? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

What you'll need: professional beauty sponge, stippling/blending brush, professional grade fine finishing powder of your shade and optional banana powder for added glow

From my collection: Le Clerc Model's Banana Powder and Hourglass Ethereal Glow Powder

Sephora Beauty Sponge and Stippling Brush

How To: Apply your foundation as normal then under eye concealer and blend in. At this point you can finish your eye shadow and lips if you like otherwise save the steps for last. Now use a very fine finishing face powder. I used Hourglass Ethereal Glow mixed with Le Clerc Banana. One is extremely pale white, the other pale lemon yellow. They both match my skin tone. I mixed two shades because the banana adds another dimension of glow. Use your own skin matching shades. Use a high end powder that won't cake and is airy. Both brands featured are pricey but the quality is superb! Next, in a V shape under the eye area and the uppermost top portion of your cheeks, apply a super generous amount of powder. Don't blend it in! Use a swipe action with a beauty blender sponge. Then apply on the center of your forehead, above the bridge of your nose and center of your chin in a circular shape. Let it sit on your face 5 to 25 minutes. When the time is up, blend the powder well into your skin with the sponge and then with the buffing/blending brush apply a quick all over dusting to your face. Apply blush and the rest of your makeup. You're done! Your cheekbones should appear glowing and highlighted and your eye concealer should appear fresh and stay put all day.

Opinion: After applying this technique and about 6 hours later, officially I'm impressed. My under eye area is still concealed and fresh with minor creasing underneath the lower lash line that isn't visible. While I wouldn't have time to perform this ritual as part of my daily routine, it would be something I would consider for a special event or for photography purposes. But if I did have the time I really would set my under eye area like this.
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  1. Never heard of this technique but it sounds good <3

  2. Great post. I'm tempted to try it out.

  3. It is weird. But it works XOXO


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