* I recently found out that Clairol manufactures Hair Food and I believe it's not cruelty free*

I'm rather late with this review as some of you may have already seen the photo when I shared the purchase on my Instagram account months ago. I discovered Hair Food after receiving a Vox Box from Influenster containing Hair Food Honey + Apricot Leave In Hair treatment. I loved the amazing formula so much that I purchased Hair Food Honey + Apricot Shampoo and Conditioner with a Target gift card that was given to me. I didn't know at the time the product was not cruelty free but I recently found out it's manufactured by Clairol. It makes me sad to discover this since I really loved using the products. I've been raving about the exceptional moisturizing qualities ever since trying the treatment. I still can't fathom how brands will not cease with animal testing. It's been proven that in-vitro testing without abusing animals works as an alternative. I'm adding this mini post here for those of you who may be interested. What are your opinions about finding out one of your favorite products is not cruelty free? Be polite with the comments, thanks. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Hair Food Moisture is inspired by pampering and relaxing ingredients to hydrate and condition the hair. Moisture Shampoo is designed for system use with the Moisture Conditioner. Use together for luxurious moisture and nourishment for healthy looking hair. Uniquely infused with honey and apricot fragrance. Moisture Shampoo provides a luxurious, rich lather. Silicone Free, Paraben Free, Mineral Oil Free. Hair Type: Normal conditioner: the same as shampoo.

Formula: Both the shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment smells fantastic and really hydrates dry hair. Frizz is eliminated, high shine is increased and there's even a slight voluminous effect. The treatment is great to apply on wet hair for beautifully defined curls and a long lasting fresh scent throughout the day. I can't find anything negative to say about the product other than it's from a non- cruelty free brand.

Availability: Target, Hair Food Honey Shampoo, Conditioner $9.99, $15


  1. the scent sounds good. too bad it's not cruelty free xx

  2. I love honey scented products. Such a shame about the brands status.

  3. It smells so good! I thought it was from one of those nature brands <3

  4. Sounds like great products.=)


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