You probably saw tweets on my feed about a curiosity for a new growing hair trend, Brazilian Candle Burning -- known as Velaterapia -- so I thought I'd make an official post and share more news on what the method is all about. It's a more common practice in Brazil that's been receiving a lot of celebrity attention in the States, London and Milan. You'll have to search salons in your city to see if any stylists are willing to perform candle burning on your hair. Just make certain it's done by a licensed professional who has experience in this type of treatment. I can't imagine the horror of what burned hair would look like if something went wrong. Are you brave enough to have your hair set on fire? Opinions? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

What exactly is candle hair burning? It's the process of separating hair into small twisted sections and then put under a candle flame. The burning is supposed to allow the follicles to open up making damaged parts of the hair stick out so they can be trimmed. After which the hair is conditioned, resulting in fewer split ends and a smoother texture. The process takes up to about three hours and is best done every four months. There's no information that I could find on the smell it produces but having studied textiles and fabrics, I remember the hideous smell of burnt wool -- natural fibers like human hair -- during class experiments. The question remains to be seen will this take-off and be part of hair salon's permanent service line-up or is it just another passing fad? If you live in New York I managed to find a place that does candle burning which I listed below. Let my members know if you try it.

Available: Maria Bonita Spa, 12 Prince Street, NY, NY 10012


  1. Sounds like an outrageous treatment!

  2. I think I'll pass. It seems like a lot of work just to cut off some split ends.

  3. Agreed. It's pretty intense.


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