I'm really excited to talk about Phyto Secret De Nuit Night Hair Treatment. I purchased this over the holidays at Sephora and was lucky enough to get the full size bottle as a bonus with the PHYTO oil. At almost forty dollars for a freebie, this packaged set was a fabulous beauty deal. I'll be reviewing the oil next but frankly I wasn't impressed with it, the Nuit is worth the splurge and I'll be buying it again. Have you tried Nuit treatment yet? Stay Beautiful! XOXO
A night restorative treatment for all hair types. This powerful night cream regenerates the hair fiber and provides up to eight hours of intense hydration, nourishment, and repair. It creates a protective shield against free radicals and oxidation, and leaves hair feeling remarkably stronger, healthier, and shiner. This product is cruelty-free and without silicone or sodium.

Formula: This treatment has a milky white lotion consistency and is very lightweight. It leaves no sticky residue and absorbs quickly. You can add a small amount or increase the dosage and it will never weigh the hair down. The scent is fresh floral and lingers for a long time. I apply it to dry hair, comb it through and then go to sleep without washing it out. After shampooing in the morning I notice how much softer, frizz free and voluminous my curls are. I even like to add this to slightly damp hair after I shampoo, using it as a hair styling product to define my curls. It's fantastic! I love how much of a difference it really makes. The fill weight lasts for over a month if you use it weekly or a few times more than that. They really need to make a larger size bottle because when I'm not using it I feel my hair suffers. The lovely glass bottle is heavy and the pump dispenser works great until the product almost runs out. You can easily remove the top and shake it into your palms. The bottle can become slippery since it's glass so you'll have to be careful handling it. It's one of those accidental finds you make and then wonder how will you be able to live without it. I know. Dramatic. I recommend anyone with dry, dehydrated hair try Nuit night treatment.

Availability: Sephora, Phyto Secret De Nuit Night Hair Treatment $38 2.5 oz


  1. Sounds good. You were lucky to get it for free with the hair oil.

  2. Thanks. It's worth it for sure


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