I mentioned many times before in different posts how I'm in love with lilac face powders. They help solve with sometimes sallow appearance of yellow skin tones -- working as a brightener. Unfortunately they are hard to find and come with a hefty retail price. My friends in Asia sometimes surprise me by sending me a few boxes as they're more popular in Asia -- along with yellow based foundations. When NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Lilac Powder debuted last month I purchased a jar to test out. Who has used lilac powders? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Even out your complexion using our ultra-fine, translucent loose Color Correcting Powder. This lightweight, easy to use powder can be applied before or after your foundation. The paraben and talc-free formula helps you achieve a natural matte finish.

Formula: It was hard to capture the lilac shade so I turned off the flash but as you can see it's still pretty pale. The image from the NYX website shows it as a deeper lilac when it's actually almost white. This is one of the lighter lilac colored powders in my collection and a little disappointing since it's close to an exact finishing powder shade. I like that the formula is fine milled and that the jar includes a sifter. It's a decent powder if blended properly with the right brush but you have to make sure you use the slightest amount, shaking off the excess before application. It's not the worst color correcting product but not that amazing either. I really did not see any brightening effect although it made for a decent finishing powder. The jar is slightly small and awkward to swirl a professional brush around the top but for the price it's okay. I'll probably skip buying it next time around. If the lilac shade isn't for you, they also offer a green and yellow version. I own other green and yellow powders which work great with my tone. If you buy the green, be advised you need the slightest amount or it will leave a green finish behind. Remember -- blending is the key to a flawless face.

Availability: NYX, Mass Retail $10 6 grams


  1. they look scary to work with, i wouldn't know how to use colored powders xx

  2. Sounds like I should skip these <3

  3. I often use green correctors in the cream formula. I might check the powder out next time I'm in a drug store.

  4. They're not scary at all. You just need to use a little and blend well


  5. Great review as always.=)


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