Spring is in the air! -- well as soon as it stops snowing every other day in New York -- with new Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Oil, Touch Of Shimmer Oil and limited edition City Glow Bronzers -- that are available to buy now. I couldn't resist when seeing them in the drugstore and bought them right away. Stay tuned for the blush review. Who's in love with the exotic Moroccan themed design and bottle shape? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

100% Argan Oil from Moracco -- known as liquid gold -- helps improve elasticity, tone and texture of the skin. A multi-tasking lightweight formula that has the benefits of primer, serum, brightener and moisturizer. Use on hair, face, skin and nails for glow, treatment and smoothing out fine lines without a greasy finish. Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil With Touch Of Glow Shimmer: Same benefits as above with the added touch of shimmer for a youthful glow. $14.95 1 ounce

Formula: Oil is lightweight, non-greasy with rapid absorption. It doesn't have the usual nutty scent I've experienced with other Argan oils, it's unscented in my opinion. I used it everywhere on hair, nails, face, but since the bottle is small I'm saving this for facial use only. It's a decent product with a beautiful reusable glass bottle. The shimmer formula is the same except for the sparkles. The glitter is fine and doesn't make you look like a disco ball. The price point is a good value and it would be really great to see this in a larger size since it's for all over use.

City Glow Daily Defense Bronzer NYC SPF30: Multi-tasking bronzer mimics the sun's glow with protection against environmental factors for the ultimate glow. Benefits are anti-aging, anti-tree, anti-grey, and protection from city pollutants. The limited edition shades in New York and Paris city landscape adds charm and the shimmering gold powder adds the right amount of shimmer. $14.95 11 grams

Formula: I seriously did not want to touch this because it's ridiculously beautiful but I managed to find an extra fluffy brush to sample it. I know. I will eventually have to dig into it but for the time being I'm just going to stare at it on my vanity table. The powder is super fine, sheer and natural looking. The glitter initially is sparkly but wears down. It adds the slightest hint of warmth to your face and a whole lot of gorgeous glow. As you use the powder, the shimmer will eventually wear down to a minimal so the glitter effect shouldn't be a problem since it's mostly concentrated on top. The compact is well made -- complete with a mirror and mini brush contained in the bottom secret compartment -- and a fabulous value for the fill weight and quality.

Availability: Mass Retail drug stores, Physicians Formula $14.95


  1. You're back! Missed you. The blog looks amazing. The powder is gorgeous!

  2. My drug store doesn't carry the bronzer. I need to go check out a few more places to see if I can find it. It's beautiful <3

  3. Thanks Lydia XOXO

    Karen, Good luck XOXO


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