I don't know how many different types of nail strengtheners and vitamins I endured while trying to get my nails to a healthier state. The problem has never been growing them because they grow long and fast. My issue is with nail strength or lack thereof. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm constantly using my hands and exposing them to harsh elements in the kitchen. When I came across an online review for this nail product I figured what's one more try. While L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder didn't turn out to be a miracle, it's one of the best strengtheners I've used so far and it really helps with weak nails. Hope this review helps those of you in need of major nail therapy. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

L.A. Girl Calcium Nail Builder will help you grow thicker, healthier nails by protecting nails from breakage, chipping and peeling. Helps to bond nails that are splitting or peeling. Builds thicker nails in just days and is DBP free. Provides protection and added shine. Ideal for weak and thin nails. Protection and added shine. Stronger, more durable nails in minutes! Helps restore weak, brittle nails. 

Formula: I like that the product contains no formaldehyde -- that's just gross -- and it's an inexpensive treatment. You apply it to clean nails then re-apply every day on top of the first layer until the week is over. Then  you remove it and start again until your nails build strength. You can use this under and over your regular nail polish as well. I found that it actually hardens the nails but also builds a stronger layer without the peeling. Most nail products I use to strengthen my nails end up doing more damage because they get too hard, chip, peel and break. I didn't find any major peeling here. Like I said it's not a miracle but pretty decent for the price and it keeps your nails healthy.

Availability: Sally Beauty, Amazon, Mass Retail L.A. Girl Nail $5


  1. i might really need this for my nails xx

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  3. I added my comment in the wrong place. I never tried this brand. It sounds good <3


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