I have been wanting to do an updated post about the blogs cruelty free product policy for a long time now. I guess I wasn't sure on how to go about explaining my thoughts without being misunderstood, but since there are people who will always judge I'm just going to start typing and hopefully the words will do my feelings some justice. I'm sorry if this is a long post but I hope my members can read it when they have a chance. First and foremost, I'm still a cruelty free advocate and this blog is still dedicated to non-animal tested products. It's been slightly harder trying to maintain a PURE lifestyle than I had previously thought possible when I began my mission to be a cruelty free beauty blogger. 

I'm addressing this issue because lately I have been receiving more offers to join campaigns and test products from various groups. Unfortunately the items that are sent to me aren't my choice and it's usually a mixed bag -- meaning cruelty free, natural, organic and high end luxury brands that aren't cruelty free. I was really having a hard time about whether or not to blog about animal tested products sent to me because when signing on for a campaign survey I agree to review a product. If I stop reviewing from groups I belong to then I'm out. And I know this sounds selfish but I worked hard for five years building up a base to be a successful blogger and have opportunities made available to me. The truth is that even though I personally don't buy animal tested beauty products with my money I always purchase stuff like deodorant, household cleaners, things of that nature when I can't find cruelty free options or the price points are too high for me to afford. So whether I like it or not I'm technically not 100% cruelty free and I'm not sure honestly how many people actually are but this is about me only. I certainly don't want to be  hypocrite and go on a rant about purity. Looking back now, I realize I may have done that in the past and I never meant to make anyone feel bad or guilty. There have been so many challenges to being a CF blogger and one of them has been cruel comments by trolls and past members who have picked many fights with me on my policy in order to make me feel guilty when in reality it was never their business to begin with. I have also come across many bloggers who say they are pure vegans and have posted snippy comments on my posts in the past letting me know a product I reviewed was animal tested. The rather comical irony in that is that the same bloggers have tested many products sent to them or purchased by themselves that were not cruelty free but pretended not to notice. But that's all in the past and another topic, a topic of women being considerate, kind and helpful towards each other instead of committing petty acts of hate. Moving along...

So here is my policy regarding the products I test presently. If I can find a way to go absolutely cruelty free, I will. I don't see that happening unless all companies stop testing. I hope one day our world will stop committing gruesome, disgusting acts of violence towards all creatures. But it seems we can't even control ourselves from hurting each other let alone a poor defenseless  animal. This blog will remain cruelty-free and I will continue to test cruelty free products because that's what I purchase with my own money. As for other household products, I always try to buy non-animal tested but when I have no other choice due to price or non-availability in my stores I usually stick with Proctor & Gamble because the last pamphlet a representative sent me, they stated they were 99% cruelty free, leaning towards non-animal in-vitro testing with the one percent exception for medical grade products that they say the government forces them to do testing on. I don't like the policy but it seems a better choice of worse evils out there. As for products sent to me that I'm required to test in order to keep my membership,  I will post them on the blog as animal-tested brands. I'm sorry if this upsets anyone but it's the most honest thing I can do by disclosing the products status instead of pretending it's not cruelty-free or ignoring it altogether. I hope you understand and continue to support the blog and hopefully one day I can be at a place where I no longer will have to purchase any products whatsoever that are tested on. Respect others opinions because no one out there is perfect. Thanks for reading. Stay beautiful! XOXO

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