I'm back. Hope you all missed me. As you can see VLV has gotten a much needed new look -- this year I'm making everything over -- personal and otherwise. I feel like I should explain my absence without really explaining it.  There's so much going on inside my head and just with everything in general. The universe is colliding and I'm Dorothy spinning inside a twister heading towards the land of Oz -- on a positive level. Last year was slightly progressive if only in a scraping the surface sort of way. I'm not really ready to share what's been going on at the moment but I think it's all good and exciting. There's so much blog stuff to catch up on and share. While I'm getting ready to post new reviews, you should also know VLV is celebrating a landmark five year anniversary which will be honored with a spectacular giveaway soon. With new projects happening I might not post as much daily but the blog is back in business. One final mention: Big thanks and hugs to those of you who left me messages and emails asking about me. It makes me happy knowing you were thinking about me and I'll respond soon. The little niceties mean a lot. THANK YOU! Stay tuned for a fabulous IT COSMETICS collection that publicity sent me to test out. Stay Beautiful! XOXO


  1. I had thought perhaps you were taking a break, something we all need from time to time. Nice to see you back and wow! the new look is awesome!

    Ali xx

  2. You're back! I sent you an email and was wondering what happened. I'm glad for your new project and wish you success. The new layout is amazing <3

  3. I don't know what's going on in your life but it sounds like you have your hands full. Nice to see you're back and the new look is great :-)

  4. Welcome back! I like the new look.

  5. Thanks everyone! Just working hard XOXO


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