This is one of many products I previewed for you over a month ago and now that the blog is active again, I'll be posting a whole bunch of reviews. Today I'll be talking about the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Collection -- sold exclusively at Ulta Beauty online. British shops like Boot's are also selling them. I purchased all except two pieces but one of which the Real Techniques company sent me as a thank you -- the eye crease brush -- and I'll review that one soon. Have you tried these fabulous brushes yet? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Exclusively at ULTA! Introducing a new line of luxury makeup brushes designed with sisters Sam & Nic Chapman, the stars behind the top-rated YouTube channel Pixiwoo. The Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques pairs unbelievably soft bristles with striking metallic detail. Handles are weighted for optimal control and comfort. Refined artistry cuts offer high performance and mastery of any look. Let your brush do the work of perfect makeup application. Color-coded system corresponds to the key steps of makeup application:

left to right: gold triangle foundation brush $23.99, gold arched dome powder brush $25.99, rose gold tapered blush brush $23.99, rose gold flat contouring brush $25.99

Opinions: This is my first experience using RT brushes and so far I'm genuinely impressed -- by the quality, price and cruelty free status -- and I'll be buying from them in the future. The brushes are color coordinated with the gold corresponding to base, platinum to eye and rose gold for finishing. All of the brushes are made of a lightweight aluminum with long shiny metallic finished handles and synthetic bristles. The tips are all tapered, the hairs are super soft, handles are ergonomically correct and each brush picks up every pigment. The triangle foundation brush is amazing! You have a flat surface side with two angled sides for working around corners and under the eye area. The domed powder brush is packed but slightly fluffy and sweeps all over the face nicely. It's more for loose powder then compact and great for mineral make-up. The tapered blush brush has a smaller head from the powder and is also fluffy. The shape is great for highlighting and sculpting the cheek area. Finally the flat contouring brush -- the best ever! and my second fave to the triangle -- has the most dense, packed but soft bristles. It picks up the barest pigment and is perfect for bluffing and sculpting. I received two extra's -- one from Ulta and another from RL -- which I use for blush, foundation and highlighters. Either way this brush always delivers. It's a must have! I also recived the pointed platinum eye crease brush ($15.99) from Real techniques as a thank you but I haven't used it yet so stay tuned for that review. A great collection at affordable price points. I suggest you stock up on a several now before they sell out again.

Availability:, Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Set


  1. your new header is cute! the skull crotch and scorpion made me laugh :D
    Nice post! I always forget to replace my makeup brushes when I'm supposed to. These are pretty.

  2. I haven't tried any of their brushes but I've heard a lot of good about them.

  3. I love my real techniques brushes. You purchased a gorg set <3

  4. Melissa, Thanks! Good luck with your new job XOXO


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