Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary Brush Collection

 from top to bottom: flat foundation/spoolie/buffer

When I first saw the limited edition Sonia Kashuk 15 Piece 15th Anniversary Makeup Brush Set from Target this past summer, I was almost tempted to purchase them but decided not to. When it comes to large brush collections I dislike having to buy an entire set for only several of the pieces that I might be interested in. And I already own a complete set of the Sigma Bunny Brushes --of which I rarely use each piece. Then one day they were listed for individual sale on one of my instagram members account and of course I was completely ecstatic --after-all they are purple and gold. First I purchased the flat foundation brush -- I loved it so much that I purchased a second back up piece-- then the buffer and spoolie brush. I'm posting a short review here for those of you interested in knowing how the brushes hold up so you'll have an idea about them if you would like to buy from future Kashuk Target collections.

Sonia Kashuk 15 Piece 15th Anniversary Makeup Brush Set contains: powder, blusher, contour, foundation, eye brush, spoolie, buffer, angled multi-purpose, crease, angled liner, concealer, smudge, small eye brush, blending and precision brush. Sold exclusively at Target $39

My Opinions: Flat Foundation: I love that all the brushes are well constructed, weighty and have firm synthetic cruelty free bristles. They're all purple with gold metal hardware tips and stamped with the Kashuk name on each brush. I have to mention that I dislike the way the name transfers off too easily with use and a couple of washings. I know this happens with all brushes --even the more expensive designer brands-- but it's quite annoying. When I have time I'll have to fix this issue with that clear nail polish method. The flat foundation has really dense and firm bristles and made my make-up application easy and streak free. The edges are fine enough to work into the corners while the smooth flat surface helps with stippling. It's a fabulous foundation brush. Buffer: The hairs on this are really dense and packed. I love densely packed brushes because of the superb way they pick up just the right amount of powders and pigments. The most annoying thing about the buff brush was that it shed everywhere on my face but thankfully this stopped after I washed it a couple of times. Not only is this amazing for applying blush and blending but when used for foundation it helps create that perfect airbrush finish. Now that the shedding problem has stopped it's become one of my favorite beauty tools. Spoolie: The spoolie brush is perfect when used on my lashes and brows. I like that the handle is long and the spoolie tip is very flexible allowing me to arch the angle if needed. I used this for shaping my brows and removing excess mascara. With the few minor flaws experienced --from these three pieces here-- I would have to say all in all I'm satisfied with the quality and the price point the entire collection was selling for. I would definitely buy more of Sonia Kashuk brushes in the future. Have you tired this brand? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Target, Sonia Kashuk 15th Anniversary brush Set $39 sold out


  1. The purple and gold is definitely the first thing you notice. A stroke of marketing genius on Sonia Kashuk's part, for sure.

    I'm glad you finally got your hands on some!

  2. Gorgeous brushes. Have a great weekend <3

  3. Never tried. But they look lovely.=)


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