2015 Beauty Trend: Face Contouring Part 2 + Guide

I created a face chart to help give you basic points and contour and highlight areas

Here's part two of my Face Contouring Beauty Trend report. I'm including helpful contouring and highlighting tips plus a mini guide of basics principles to help familiarize you with the application points. As I've mentioned before this is rather new to me --except for highlighting-- so in no way are my tips professional advise. Contouring always seemed slightly intimidating to me --especially having to work with a dark palette range on my fair skin-- but with the new types of contour kits available today and being the start of the year -- I'm trying something new. I'm also loving the updated kits with lighter pigments with more face highlighters included in the mix. I've been playing around with highlighters for years now --which is familiar territory for me-- and lately I've been experimenting with my new KVD contour palette. I'm hoping that those of you who find contouring equally confusing will venture out of your comfort zones with me and give this trend a chance. My only advice is find what works best for you with repeated attempts --practice makes perfect-- and concentrate on blending well. Blending is an important part of any type of make-up application. Lastly, remember that old adage --less is more. A natural look is always the most flattering. Let me know which contour palettes you pick up this season and if you're liking the trend. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

What is face contouring? Contouring with the use of powders and highlighters gives your face the benefits of the appearance of dimension, fullness and concealing physical flaws. Contouring works best when used in photos because it helps avoid a dull flat face under harsh lighting. 

What are the areas to contour + highlight? Points that can be highlighted and contoured are the temple, forehead, cheekbones, nose, jawline, inner corners of the eyes, brow bone, the crease of your eyes, neck, lips and collarbone.

Contouring each point will cause what effect? Nose: slimming and narrow appearance. Forehead: makes a larger temple area appear smaller. Hairline: adds more of an oval look creating an ideal shape. Cheekbones: your face appears more slender and also give your cheekbones a lifted effect. This is one of the more obvious and easy points on your face to contour. Eye Crease: most of us already know adding a darker shade to the crease of our eyes makes your eyes appear fuller and larger. Your eyes really pop with a nicely dark brown pigment creased eye. Jawline: gives you a slenderizing effect and an overall shape to your face. Neck: these areas can be contoured for the appearance of a longer neckline and slimness. Lighter shades look alluring on the collarbone décolleté area especially when highlighted with a cream formula.

Highlighting: I noticed there's a trick in remembering where to highlight and where to contour. Highlighting would be adding light and an opalescent effect and contouring would be adding dark pigments. Highlighting brings attention to areas and contouring helps mask areas. There's a general rule I've adapted and I think it might be helpful for you to remember how to apply both on the face. This is my trick: I remember that the contouring colors (dark shades) should always be applied on the outer edges of the face or nose and the highlighters (lights shades/pearls/pale gold/icy pinks/silver) should always be applied on the inner part of the face. So you apply the dark shades towards the outer parts while the lighter shades should always highlight the parts working inwards toward your face. I created a chart above giving you a visual example.

Examples:(See above chart) Forehead: dark contour around the edges of you temple (hairline) and highlighter applied on the center forehead more toward your brows. Nose: contour shade applied on the sides of the nose and highlighter running down the length of the nose. Jawline: contour shades around the jawline and highlighter shades on the inner middle section of the chin. Cheekbones: contour shades on the outer cheekbones and outer apples of the cheeks with the highlighter shades on the inner top most center of the cheeks in a triangular shape into the corners of the eyes. Eyes: contour shades in the crease with highlighter shades in the outer corners of the eyes and the brow bone. Lips: darker shade on the entire lips with a lighter and or shimmery shade right on the center of both lips.

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  1. Fascinating post! This is definitely something I'd like to try!

  2. i like this post. i need to learn how to contour my face xx

  3. I love it! Thank You for sharing this😘


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