My first official post of the new year. Finally getting back to my trend reports --which I've fallen behind on in the last year-- a beauty trend that certainly isn't new but one that's definitely been catching on like wild fire for 2015 --Face Contouring. A skill once considered a trick of the trade amongst professional make-up artist is rapidly becoming an essential part of most women's beauty routine --with brands already cashing in on the frenzy. And a mother load of new palettes have recently been released that are available to buy now. I'm going to list just a few favorites that have caught my attention and I'll be doing a full review for one that I've already purchased --the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Kit-- so stay tuned for my upcoming post on that. I mentioned awhile back on my KVD Shade + Light preview post that I've never been one to contour and that I've found palettes made for such purposes always seem to have a rather dark powder range for my fair skin. With these new updated contour and highlight collections I'm noticing the pigments appear more natural, contain a variety of lighter taupe shades and some even include mini tutorial leaflets making them for ideal for a fresh modern look. This will be part one of my trend report --stay tuned for part two where I'll share contouring tips, a mini tutorial guide, plus several helpful hints to get you started. Until then take a peek at some of my picks and let me know which ones you think are interesting. Do you find face contouring an essential part of your beauty? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

From left to tight and top to bottom row (see above photo)
1. Kat Von D Shade + Light: $46 Only at Sephora
2. Tarte Park Ave. Princess:  $34 Available at Ulta
3. Ulta Contour Kit: $18 Available at Ulta
4. Mally Shimmer + Shape + Glow: $40 Available at Ulta
5. IT Cosmetics My Sculpted Face: $38 Available at Ulta



  1. I have to admit I get a bit jealous when I see that perfect contour. I always end up feeling like I look like a clown, I just don't have the touch for it I guess. Practice practice!
    Though, I definitely think if I were better at it, I would rely on contouring much more as a beauty staple.

  2. Yes. I think I'll practice with the KVD palette I purchased. I never felt the need to before but maybe I'll like it. I'm trying new things this year. XOXO

  3. Contouring scares me. I'm curious to know how any of the palettes hold up for real women and not in the hands of a makeup pro.

  4. Happy New Year! When done right, I think face contouring looks absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Rachelle, me too.

    Tights Lover, Thanks! Same to you.


  6. Yes, I am tempted to go for this trend :)


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