Sometime during the start of this year I came across an interesting product, S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Serum + Primer. Being one who likes to try new things I checked out the website and the description on this intrigued me even more. Alas the price point seemed ridiculous for a primer at the time. After noticing they were having a huge sale at some point I figure why not splurge since it's discounted but found it was listed as sold out. And every time I check it's always sold out --as a matter of fact it's still out of stock today. Really? An entire year has passed and its still not available. Anyhow in a strange coincidence a friend of mine had two unused bottles and was nice enough to sell me one at a discount. I ended up paying way below half the retail price. This was back in early July and after using it for over two months it completely slipped my mind to review it. Since I'm trying to finish product reviews in my dashboards draft box, I'm reviewing it today.

 This smart new serum is an easy-to-wear formula made to work with all skin types, including oily and very sensitive skin, with or without makeup. The Serum+Primer combines natural moisturizers, fruits, and botanicals such as squalane from brazilian sugar cane, apple, watermelon, lentil, rice and soybean protein; it delivers a serious daily anti-aging treatment that also works hard as a makeup primer, providing all day perfection starting at the skin. The Serum+Primer may also be used under the eyes and on the lips for immediate line smoothing effect.

Formula: This serum/primer has a very water like fluid consistency. It's not like your typical velvety primer but because of it's fluidity the product will last you longer. My bottle lasted almost three months. It's devoid of any scent and and it's non-irritating on my sensitive skin. As a serum it didn't really add any moisture probably due to the super rapid absorption but it leaves a really matte finish behind. If you have super dry skin and prefer a little more glow on your face then this isn't your ideal product. As a primer I found it interfered with my foundation and what I mean is that after applying this then my foundation -- it was hard to smooth out the make-up on my skin. This serum acted as some type of barrier that made my skin too dry to blend other products evenly --although wearing it on it's own was no problem. As for using it under my eyes to lighten dark circles --which is what the site claims is one of the serum's best feature-- after almost three months of use twice daily no under eye lightening results were seen. For  my skin type --normal/dry combo-- it's not a good match. I don't think I'll be buying this in the future and I'm grateful my friend allowed me to try the product for less the cost. In my honest opinion the price isn't justifiable from the results or lack thereof that I have experienced. Has anyone else tried this? That's if you actually found it while it was in stock. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Grand Central Beauty SMART SERUM+PRIMER $68 1.7 oz


  1. Sounds like a pretty good product. Too bad it's not a match for dryer skin. I think I'd find it more useful!

  2. That is a very costly primer. Have you ever tried the Tarte brightening primer? It works wonders for me and the price is reasonable.

  3. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestion. No I haven't tried it but I might. XOXO

  5. Great review as always.=)


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