Paul & Joe Moisturizing Light Cream Foundation Alabaster 00

The larger white bottle on the left is the S (new formula w/pump applicator) Clear glass bottle is the discontinued N formula. The Alabaster 00 shade remains the same.

Anyone who has been following my blog over the years is aware of my frustration with foundations. It's extremely hard to find a match for my pale light yellow skin-tone. Even the lightest shades made for porcelain or yellow skin tones either have large amounts of beige or an overkill of yellow pigments making my skin appear either red or dirty yellow. A few weeks before my birthday this past summer I accidentally came across someone who recommended I try the Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation N in shade Alabaster 00. Of course I was familiar with the brands cosmetics --especially the adorable cat shaped lipsticks of which I have a few-- but oddly enough I never tested the foundations before. Unfortunately to my dismay this product was discontinued but I was lucky enough to find three bottles from a discount beauty supply. I literally cried --because it was the PERFECT match and because it was no longer being sold-- thankfully I discovered they upgraded the formula in the new foundation class S without compromising the alabaster shade! I stocked up on as many as I could find because I noticed these too are really hard to find! Stay tuned for tomorrow when I review the compact foundation in the same shade.

 Light Cream Foundation N: By replacing all water with 100% Orange Flower Water and adding concentrated amounts of moisturizers, the Moisturizing Fluid Foundation treats skin to add a beautiful glow and luster. The subtle Orange Flower aroma boosts the wearer's mood and satisfies the skin and mind. Bright smoothing oil and secret d'or luster create beautiful skin with a powder finish to diffuse reflected light and hide pores, leaving skin looking flawless all day long. Directions: Shake the bottle before use. After conditioning the skin with primer, take the desired amount (about 1 pump) onto the palm and spread evenly over the entire face. Foundation S A moisturizing liquid foundation for evening the complexion. Light Cream Foundation is a highly moisturizing, botanical-infused foundation that smooths away the appearance of imperfections for a flawless-looking finish. Ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate and jojoba seed oil thoroughly hydrate, allowing the skin to become supple and radiant. The complexion is left smooth, moisturized and evenly toned.
 Alabaster 00 is a porcelain shade ideal for fair skin tones

Formula: The older foundation class N was housed in a smaller one ounce etched flower design glass bottle and did not have an applicator pump. The formula is quite fluid and extremely moist meaning it's perfect for dry skin types. If you have oily skin I suggest you stay away from the moisturizing foundations from this brand. My skin is on the dry side so it works out well for me. It's super sheer yet buildable and needs primer and powder to set it correctly. I don't think it would be suitable in warmer weather. The revised Formula S is much better. While it's still moist with sheer coverage, it holds up better. Other improvements are a larger one point one ounce fill weight bottle and a sanitary pump dispenser. I did love the older glass bottle and can always reuse them because they look so pretty on my vanity table. I also figured out a way to make the foundation last longer by applying Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer first. It works magic to soak up the excess moisture and stay fresh until the evening. COLOR: this of course is the reason I love the foundation most of all. Alabaster 00 is a very pale light lemon shade with absolutely no beige or deep yellow pigments. It's like the color of soft moonlight and it's my PERFECT match! While this leaves my skin hydrated with a gorgeous glow I would like to see them improve the coverage and hold quality just a tad bit more. As long as they don't ever change the shade! Until them I'll be hoarding these bottles like the apocalypse is coming every chance I get. Who thinks this might be a beautiful match for light skin? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Edited:Just received a tweet from Paul+Joe it also has been renamed as Shade 100 in our new selection. Light Cream F is now MOISTURIZING FLUID F.
Availability: beauty retailers Paul & Joe Moisturizing Light Cream Foundation $48


  1. too bad it's discontinued. it looks so light and creamy xx

  2. Maria, that's great that you were able to find a match. I also like the pretty bottles.

  3. I never used this brand of foundation before. Thanks for the heads up <3

  4. Glad you found your perfect match.=) Their product has such cute packing too

  5. You're all welcome and thanks. XOXO


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