Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist: Sleek + Moist Formula

Today's review is for the Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist both in the sleek and moist formula. Tony Moly is a lucrative, popular Korean cosmetic/skincare brand established in 2006. Next to Hello Kitty and Etude House, it's one of the more highly recognizable Asian brands amongst beauty bloggers and fans of Kawaii. The brands name loosely translates to nice and flourishing. I have been dying to try something from the collection for quite some time now. Although the packaging borders on the insanely cute, great product reviews keep loyal customers coming back for more. Now I finally have my chance to share my own opinions on Tony Moly fever.
Two different types for different skin types. Water from Vosges du nord in France. Two types for dry & oily skin types. Moist mist: For dry skin, Sleek mist: For oily skin. Main ingredient. Moist mist: Extracts of moist red fruit (Peach, Raspberry, Apple extract) Sleek mist: Extracts of fruits and vegetables (Cabbage, Pineapple, Lemon) Mineral in Celtic water. Spray from 20-30cm away from the face, after 30 secs, patting until absorbed. 60ml

Formula: Both bottles have a fill weight of about two fluid ounces which is a decent size for about the fifteen dollar price tag. The bunny shaped spray bottles are made of thick durable plastic and uncap allowing you to refill and reuse once they are emptied. I feel this is an added bonus since you are paying for product and a collectors bottle. The sleek (white bunny) formula is suitable for oily skin types and has a pleasant subtle fruity scent. The moist spray (pink bunny) is made for dry skin and has a similar scent. While my skin is dry during the winter I figured I could use a spray during the summer so I choose both versions. Either spray leaves no sticky residue behind and is fast drying. They both make my skin feel comfortable and even keep my make-up fresh a little longer. When using the sleek mist during the hotter days I found it was decent for preventing some shine but my skin isn't noticeably oily so I did not experience a drastic difference. The same for the moist mist although I did get a lovely glow from that one. To be honest I wanted the bottles more than the product but for the cost and the fact they are adorable, refillable bunny bottles that I can throw in my purse -- I'm quite happy with the purchase. I'm not sure if there are any real skin benefits but the ingredients have natural essences on the list. Another plus is that the brand is cruelty free. I definitely am willing to purchase more Tony Moly products in the future, especially their higher end skincare to see if I'll be one of the minions of loyal returning customers. Ready to hop on the bunny wagon? Stay Beautiful XOXO

Availability: Ebay, Asian merchants, Meme Box Tony Moly Bunny Mist $13


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