Snow White Kracie Japan Naive Creamy Facial Cleansing Oil

Here's my review for the other cleansing oil from my Asian birthday skin product haul. The limited edition Disney Snow White Kracie Japan Naive Creamy Facial Cleansing Oil. This brand is new to me and as far as I can tell it's also quite difficult to track down online. You'll have to try your luck from merchants such as Ebay.

Kracie Japan Naive Creamy Facial Cleansing Oil Mousse. Limited Edition Disney Snow White pump (rich & deep Moist) Liquid to creamy foam. Size 200ml

Formula: The oil cleanser starts out as a liquid and turns into a creamy foam oil product. A small amount per wash is needed as it builds into rich foam lather. The cleanser removes traces of make-up and dirt leaving behind no greasy residue. I love that it makes my face feel soft and nourished afterwards. The product dispenses from a pump mechanism. You'll have to be careful when pumping out the oil because it comes out really fast. The best feature of course is the refillable Snow White collectors bottle. When it empties out, simply refill with your favorite face wash. It's a durable bottle so it should last you a really long time with proper maintenance. The only downside to falling in love with Asian beauty + skin products is the fact that they are extremely difficult to purchase here in the states. Hopefully that will change in the future but in the meantime happy hunting. Stay Beautiful! XOXO
Availability: Online merchants, Ebay, Amazon Kracie Face Oil$18+ 200ml


  1. I've been using this for a few months. I like it ok, but when I run out I think I'll put something else in the cute bottle.

  2. cuteee! i love the bottle xx

  3. Omg! I love the bottle. The face wash sounds awesome.

  4. I also wanted it mainly for the bottle! Thanks for the love. XOXO

  5. Most oil cleansers I use are decent but some are messy and leave a weird film on my skin. The Disney bottle has a cute look.


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