Marc Jacobs Beauty Face 2 Sculpting Foundation Brush


I recently purchased the Marc Jacobs Beauty Face 2 Sculpting Foundation Brush as part of my Sephora 20% Holiday haul. Initially I wanted to buy Face 1 but after many reviews I decided to purchase Face 2 because I don't have any sculpting foundation brushes. I was slightly disappointed with the handle quality as it feels like thrifty aluminum and it's made in China. For the price and high end brand name it should have been made in Italy, France or Germany where the cosmetic manufacturing industry is world renowned. The only reason I didn't return it was because of the bristle head which is the brushes saving grace. I'm not trying to complain but find it insulting when designer brands offer you products of a lesser value at higher price points. Yes it's a sleek design but the craftsmanship could have been so much more.

An innovative, angled foundation brush made for precise contouring and flawless application. Give your face the professional treatment with the smart angles and expert finish achieved by The Face II Sculpting Foundation Brush. Use the flat, tapered side of the brush for overall coverage, and use the sides of the brush for contouring areas such as your cheekbones, jawline, and nose. Crafted to enhance the finish of Perfection Powder, but easy to apply with any powder, liquid, or mousse foundation, The Face II will take your makeup ritual to the next level. The synthetic, antibacterial hairs ensure an optimal finish.

Opinions: The overall brush dimension is seven inches including the hairs. Constructed of a shiny black aluminum type handle and synthetic bristles. The hairs are dense, soft and short. One side is flat and the other side has a contoured tip. This feels really lightweight to hold in the hand and comfortable. I love the airbrush foundation finish without streaks and the slanted tip helps with upward strokes. I imagine you could use this for regular blush contouring as well. It's a decent brush but for the price the quality seems off to me. Sephora, Sigma and IT Cosmetics make better brushes for less or comparable price points. The fact that I was able to buy it on sale and that it's a different shape than those other brushes in my collection justifies the purchase. I don't exactly hate it and while the design is modern I just feel it's slightly hyped up. I'll be reviewing some brushes from my IT Cosmetic Ulta haul that are of a better construction than this one so stay tuned for that. What's your opinion on the Face 2? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Sephora Marc Jacobs Face 2 Foundation Brush $48


  1. I feel you. It's pretty but my real techniques expert face brush looks similar and probably works just as good.

  2. I know what you mean about the handle. I have both one and two. It does do an amazing job <3

  3. hee hee, now i don't feel bad that i can't afford it xx

  4. Well, you win some you lose some.

  5. It sounds like it functions nicely even with the handle issue.


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