Today's post is a quick review fr the E.L.F. Cosmetic Vampire Beauty Book. These are fairly new and were released as a Halloween promotion for creating character looks for dressing up. They're perfectly suitable for everyday looks as well. Four different limited edition palettes from the dark collection were created of which are Diva, Enchanted, Wicked and Vampire. The vampire sold out online but drugstores such as Walmart, Target and Walgreen's still have them in stock. Not a bad beauty buy for under ten dollars.

Unleash your bad side this Halloween with the ELF Beauty Books! Your inner bad girl is sure to take the lead with these deep, mysterious shades, and perfect lipstick to match. Be a sorceress, seductress, or add a black leather jacket and spiked jewelry to become an instant vintage rocker! Includes false lashes and glue, eye liner + guide.

Formula: The product is pretty much like all the other ELF shadows and lipsticks I reviewed from past beauty books. There's decent pigmentation and a lot of wearable colors for most skin tones. The eyeliner is the worse though as it tugs along the water line and the lipstick could use some primer before application. I tried using the falsies but it turned into a mess -- probably because I applied it incorrectly. For six dollars it's a bargain and something fun to play around with. Make everyday a dress up day. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: ELF, Wagreen, Target Beauty Book $6


  1. i have enchanted. the colors inside the palette looked light enough for creating a princess theme xx

  2. The palette seems like a good bargain. Their false lashes and eyeliners are never good quality.

  3. Thanks for your comments.


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