A couple of years back I shared Halloween Candy Infused Vodka from my favorite food network star, Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen and a few days ago I was reading New York's Metro newspaper and came across a fabulous article titled Spirits of Halloween in the lifestyle section. Click the link below to find the locations of Manhattan bars that serve up these spooktacular signature drinks before you hit the town for a night out. These lively spirits also offer up the perfect inspiration to treat your guests during a costume themed bash. Even better as a great idea for weekend entertaining when you'd like that extra touch of something Gothic. How about the Girl With The Mermaid Hair cocktail? Looks gorgeous and sounds delicious in it's cotton candy soaked absinthe bath. And for those of you who loved Nadia G's candy drink's, I'm adding a link at the bottom of the Metro one. And don't forget to leave some treats out on your porch midnight tomorrow for all the souls that walk the earth... Happy Halloween! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Adults only. Please drink responsibly.


  1. They all look tempting to drink.

  2. The article should have included the recipes <3


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