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My apologies for not posting any articles yet for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As you guy's know every year I share items relating to awareness, charitable donations, events and shopping in honor of my aunt Olympia who passed away from the disease. And most of my long term members might recall my BCA sponsored giveaways of which I decided to drop because I wasn't sure if that was an appropriate way to go. I hope you can understand my decision regarding not hosting future contests. If you would like to contribute in any small way, please consider shopping Sephora's Beauty That Gives Back collection during the month of October. Proceeds from any purchase in the pink collection go directly to benefit charitable organizations that helps find a cure for Breast Cancer Awareness. Items start as low as $6 making it possible for everyone to purchase something. I already got the fabulous pink hair ties and am looking at that nifty Tweezerman next. Spread the love, help find a cure. Stay Healthy! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Sephora Beauty That Gives Back  click link for direct purchase links


  1. Looks like a cute collection. I really like when you can buy things and do some good at the same time.=)

  2. Amazing collection for a great cause!

  3. Great gifts for a great foundation.


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