Le Couvent Des Minimes Cologne of Love Beneficial Care Oil


I'm rather excited for today's review on the Le Couvent Des Minimes Cologne of Love Beneficial Care Oil.  I have been fawning over this brand for a couple of years now but never had the chance to try any items. For starters the prices are steep and it's hard locating sellers in the states. Let's not forget that international shipping fees are a nightmare. Recently I went into my Ulta account to purchase some NYX sale items and not only did I discover over 250 rewards just sitting there but I spotted this fabulous beauty oil. My long time members know how obsessed I am with any perfume oil products so you can imagine the ecstatic feeling over this little find. Even better news was that Ulta's corporate office sent me another bottle free of charge because the original one had the label completely ripped off. They offered to let me keep the faulty bottle so I glued it back on making it perfect to display on my vanity table once more.

Located in the heart of Haute Provence, France, Le Couvent des Minimes (the Convent of the Minims) is a unique sun-drenched convent with an ancestral tradition of love and passion for aromatic plants and natural ingredients. The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary opened the doors of the Convent of the Minims to those in need. They welcomed these people into the convent with love and care. The Beneficial Care Oil pays tribute to this tradition with an original recipe that combines soft Orange Blossom and 5 Botanical Oils: Brings softness and nutrition to both hair and skin. The Original Recipe: Orange Blossom: brings softness. Sweet Almond Oil: softens. Borage Oil, Sesame Oil: prevents skin's dryness. Camelina Oil:helps soothe the skin. Safflower Oil: helps to nourish the skin. For the body: Apply gently on the skin to intensely nourish it and to make it soft and comfortable all day long. For the hair: Use it either overnight before your shampoo, or onto damp hair before brushing, or on dry hair as a finishing touch for soft, shiny and delicately perfumed hair. In the bath: Pour some in water for soft hydrated skin

Formula/Scent: This dry oil absorbs rapidly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind. The scent is light and refreshing with a burst of citrus. It's more on the herbal side of orange but it's not overbearing. On the dry down it turns from that initial sharp floral to more of a creamy nose. The perfume lingers on for a few hours but dissipates after that. I loved using this on my skin right after the shower and in my hair it wasn't as nice because it smelled differently. It was more herbal than citrus when applied on my damp hair. I think I'll use this more as a bath and body product. I love that its' cruelty free and my only issue is the hefty price and faint smell for the amount of product offered here. Have you tried this? Stay Beautiful! XOXO
Availability: Ulta, Le Couvent Des Minimes Cologne of Love Beneficial Oil $32 3.4 oz


  1. i bet it smells so yummy xx

  2. Other than the name being a mouthful to pronounce it sounds like a shower fresh body oil <3

  3. The bottles are adorable


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