In Store Now! Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection


Here's a quick look at some of the items available from the Sephora Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection. While a lot of the pieces are charming I think I'll pass from buying anything this year. My last season Hello Kitty collectibles were better in my opinion and I managed to haul quite a few goodies from that debut. Sephora never adds decent product images on it's website which is slightly annoying because you can't really see details so I suggest you take a trip to one of the stores for a better look. The only thing that seems tempting to me is the milk money coin purse. It's over-sized with the initial M stitched on the front. Maybe I'll snag that baby on sale. I have to mention it was nice to see the crystal mirror tagged at $195 and not $495 from last year. Even so it's a hefty price to pay for a plastic coated mirror whether it has Swarovski crystals or not. You'd think the collection would be ultra amazing for this very iconic celebration. Instead it's rather dull and apparent that no real effort was made to bring out the wow factor. Are you happy or disappointed with the anniversary collection? Have a fabulous weekend. Stay beautiful! XOXO

This year marks the 40th anniversary of pop icon Hello Kitty. To celebrate its beribboned brand, parent company Sanrio is unveiling new product collaborations and its first Hello Kitty fan convention. To honor Hello Kitty, make-up Mecca Sephora is set to create an anniversary signature collection that will hit stores later this year. Sanrio will also be continuing last year’s Share a Hug with Hello Kitty! Campaign. The hugathon features Hello Kitty at special events, where hugs she gives to fans are tallied and added to Sanrio’s Global Hug Report. Sanrio will be announcing the new products and collaborations throughout the year, as the countdown to Hello Kitty Con kicks off.

Availability: Sephora Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary sale $20-$195


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