Bath And Body Works Halloween + Autumn Sales Event


Nothing makes your home feel quite like the holidays than warm inviting scents. And now you can get your fill of fragrant, lush candles, room spray and soaps over at the Bath and Body Works autumn sale. They have loads of great offers going on right now plus they're giving away one free full size item per online order or without purchase in stores. I grabbed a few goodies pictured above and received the marshmallow candle for free. My favorites are the room sprays which are simply fantastic! My only peeve is that these adorable canisters are rather tiny and waste easily, they almost feel empty. I hope they make them super-size in the future. My bedroom smells deliciously festive for hours. As for the liquid soaps, they can be reused over and over again once they're finished. The bottles are a fun way to display your love for novel fancies in the bathroom year round. Who loves holiday home scents? Stay Beautiful! XOXO.

Availability:, In stores $5-$25
Current Offers: 20% Off, Free full size item (in-store, w/purchase online) Buy 3 Get 3


  1. Those owl bottles are adorbs! You should try the apple spice candles.They are addictive <3


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