Victoria's Secret Angel Glow Luminous Hair Shine

 The Victoria's Secret Angel Glow Luminous Hair Shine is fantastic! I was able to purchase two bottles along with two pairs of these lovely angel flip flops ($48 value) for about $18 with Angel Rewards and special offers. Yet again another VS beauty product I'm in love with. The only bad thing about this is that it's limited edition and once it's gone it's gone. Ugh, so frustrating to want a product that's discontinued especially when it's a great one. They also offer the Angel Glow Mousse version for your hair which I'll be trying out next.

 Ethereal shine. A halo glow. Weightless mist with luminous crushed pearls adds gloss and life to dry, dull hair for your most romantic looks yet. A feather-light formula, Angel Glow is designed to compliment your favorite Victoria’s Secret fragrances, so layer it with love. 

Formula: While this non-sticky hair spray is liquid, the consistency can be likened to a fluid gel. It seems much more thick than water and the sparkle flecks seem to float in suspended animation. The shimmer in here is that of golden micro-fine crushed diamonds and not tacky teenage glitter spray. The scent is fresh, long lasting and made to be layered with other VS scented products so there's no clashing of fragrance. I love that it makes my hair shine and shimmer under bright lighting and when applied on wet hair after the shower it sets my curls somewhat and allows the scent to last longer. If you have golden hair I'm sure the shine will be twice as brilliant since lighter hair types picks up the light better. It's a fabulous product that will come in handy for holiday looks. I strongly suggest you grab a few because they will sell out fast. You know you want to shine! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Victoria's Secret $20


  1. Hey there!!! how was your birthday holiday? Hope you had a great time! :)

    This hair shine product sounds good, especially that it's non sticky :)

  2. Egle, I had a fabulous time. Thanks for asking XOXO


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