Swissco Precision Beauty Bamboo Stipple + Sponge Brush

Maybe you have already spotted these fantastic cruelty free, synthetic bristle cosmetic brushes at your local drugstore but if you haven't then you should check them out. The Swissco brand, a manufacturer of dupe beauty blender sponges as well as other beauty tool accessories, has a line of fabulous bamboo handle brushes made out of Taklon bristles from their Precision Beauty Collection. They are super affordable, work well and are really gorgeous for displaying on your vanity. I was lucky enough to purchase these for only $7 each! Since the brand was new to me I only bought three brushes: two stippling brushes and one sponge applicator. I'm kicking myself for not buying the set because they're perfect. Next time theses babies go on sale I'll be buying the rest of the collection.

Brushes are made with 100% soft synthetic Taklon. Made with Sustainable BambooSoft Synthetic Bristles for an Airbrushed Finish, Eco-friendly, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free.

 My Opinion: The bamboo brush handles are well constructed, thick and long handled. Both the stipple and sponge applicator are about nine inches in length. The stippling brush is absolutely amazing for creating an airbrush foundation finish. The hairs are soft and whisk away extra product that might have settled into fine lines. The sponge applicator is unique and I knew I had to have it when I saw it. The sponge tip is huge, maybe over an inch and is great for applying gel blush or other cream products. Usually sponge applicators like this are flimsy and have really short handles, this one is practical as well as gorgeous. They also handle well after washing without no bristle fallout. I've had these for months now and they still look new. A superb bargain for under ten dollars each. I highly recommended you buy a couple. As a matter of fact at the retail price they're selling for, go ahead and buy the entire set. They're worth it! Who loves cruelty free brushes? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Swissco,, Marshall's, Mass Retail $12-$19


  1. I have the same Swissco brushes with different handles and they pick up pigment just as good as the more expensive ones.

  2. These look amazing, thanks for the heads up <3


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