Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau de Parfum

I have been on a wait list for the Soap & Glory Original Pink Eau de Parfum for two years now so you could imagine my surprise when Sephora emailed me. There was one bottle left in stock and I grabbed it. I'm a huge fan of the brands Glow Lotion that contains the pink scent. As a matter of fact I stockpiled on those when they went on sale. Unfortunately this perfume was just horrible so I returned it. You can read why below. Womp Womp Womp...

Original Pink features Soap & Glory's signature rose and bergamot scent. Fresh top notes include orange leaf, lemon, peach, and sweet strawberries. Its sparkling heart features mandarin, summer rose, gardenia blooms, and jasmine. This gorgeous floral-chypre fragrance rests on base of patchouli, amber, musks.

Formula: Firstly the bottle did not feel full to me, it seemed less than half full. The scent was stale and old with a powerful floral kick. I have to admit after the dry down it smelled slightly more creamier but it was still off. I think maybe this is part of old stock. What was also disappointing was the wear time which lasted about twenty minutes then poof! The lotion lasts all day on my body and is fresher even with a bottle purchased a year ago. I really tried to like it and wanted to keep this but after thoughtful consideration it seemed silly to pay for a bottle of stale perfume just because I love the lotion and the retro silver case bottle design. This was returned the next day for a refund. I hope the brand recreates this perfume with a better formula and sells it while it's still fresh. Sephora has a few of these left in stock if you're interested but my honest opinion is to skip it and pick up another item from the collection. If you're looking for a dupe, Daisy (original) and Miss Dior Cherie are close enough with hints of strawberry vine and last longer. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Sephora Soap&Glory Perfume Sale $22.50 1.69 oz


  1. too bad you had to return it xx

  2. Sorry it was a stinker!

  3. It sounds like I would like the smell.
    Sad that you had to return it xxx


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