Lime Crime 6th Anniversary Opaque Lipstick Review: Shades Serpentina And Poisonberry


Here are those two Lime Crime 6th Anniversary Lipstick shades that I purchased for myself as a little birthday treat. Truth to be told I think the hologram tube was the big draw here but I have been searching for a shade like Posionberry for awhile now. Serpentina is a limited edition shade that I missed out the first time it debuted and it seemed like fun to work with a vibrant green color. Bold bright colored lipstick have certainly been trending as of late and these two color combinations are highly fashionable. I did have a minor issue with the customer service in regards to the anniversary tube which I'll explain below so be warned the packaging you receive may no longer be the holographic unicorn tube but rather the usual silver foil version.

Bold. Opaque. Recklessly loaded with pigment. For lips that speak louder than words.6th Anniversary Packaging available for a limited time only. Happy Birthday, Lime Crime! 

Formula: The lipstick has a decent creamy texture but not completely moisturizing. If you have really dry lips you may want to apply soothing balm underneath. I experienced some settling in the lines, bleeding and peeling. A really good lip primer will help solve this problem. I'd say the wear time is decent for about a few hours. It's not as long lasting as the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipstick which stays put for the entire day so if you're looking for lengthy hold this might not cut it. I didn't swatch the lippies because they are true to color as seen in the photo below. The images were taken from the Lime Crime website. They are buildable in coverage and you can achieve different hues if you mix and blend other shades. I love Serpentina on it's own but found it to be amazing with gold powder pigment layered on top. You can have fun creating lot's of different looks. My skin tone is pale yellow and it worked well for me giving me a modern sophisticated updated Gothic look. I have seen Serpentina on various skin tones and it looks pretty on everyone! Poisonberry is just amazing! If you layer it a few times and add a deep stain gloss in the center of your lips it's absolutely gorgeous! I think the brand is okay but it's not the most amazing in terms of  formula but they do offer fabulous fun shades in adorable packaging. The customer service can be improved upon because it took them forever to respond and after I explained my issue my emails were being returned back to me. Rude and unprofessional... I do have to mention they finally sent me a replacement, not the entire lipstick tube but just the anniversary cap which seems pointless to me but whatever. Have you purchased anything from the collection? Have a fabulous weekend. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 LIMITED EDITION SERPENTINA- Metallic, iridescent green with a snake-like sheen.
POISONBERRY- Bright berry-purple with snake-like sheen.

Note: You might not receive the anniversary tubes any longer but the regular silver foil tube even though the site shows the anniversary packaging. The difference is that the anniversary one is holographic rainbow with a unicorn head and the regular one has the silver foil

Availability: Lime Crime $18


  1. Poisonberry looks lovely. I need to take out mine and try it.=)

  2. There's a few of these in my lipstick stash from the older collection. The packaging is sweet but you're right about other brands being better <3

  3. I have serpentina from the first batch. It's at the bottom of my drawer now because it dried up.

  4. The bright berry shade looks lovely :)


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