Let's get right to it! My first beauty report for Fall 2014 is all about the Black & Red Dual Lipstick Trend. Two classic and iconic color combinations both sultry when applied singularly in their own right but match them up together and they pack an alluring punch. The best part about this dynamic duo is that the look can be played up in so many creative ways. For instance, you can apply the red first and highlight with a black shade, you can make the black lipstick the focal point and detail along the lip line with red or you can add one shade to each lip. Use your imagination and come up with different looks that work best for you. Any woman can wear this trend whether it's done with subtle flair or bold drama because red and black always feels sexy! Fall 2014 is definitely the season that's burning up the beauty scene with dark red lips. Are you ready to smolder? Stay Beautiful! XOXO


  1. This lip look is amazing!

  2. Bold statement unfortunately not for me :)

  3. I am ready! I love dark lips for autumn with oversize jumpers, scarves and all other autumn accessories :)


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