Skin Mists: What are they?
The fastest growing trend in the beauty industry are facial mists. What exactly are they and more importantly how do they work? And how does one begin to set apart and decipher mists that provide real beneficial results from the over hyped fancy labeled "water" version. First let's start off with what a facial mist is. Facial mists are largely composed of water, essential oils, skin cooling ingredients, vitamins, hydrators and illuminating enhancers. Typically they are bottled in spray form hence the word mist, although some are made to be applied directly to the skin with cotton applicators. Keep in mind that not all mists are created alike. Their functions vary according to what skin issue they specifically promise to target. Even a seasoned beauty addict can become lost on the mist-opia bandwagon so hopefully I provided some help here.

Let's discuss what kind of benefits they provide for the skin. As mentioned above, mists are typically compromised of water but you may find that some brands label them as lotions. The reason for this is because they are made of ingredients that aren't easily workable into an actual cream but made in water form. For instance, certain vitamins and emollients that nourish the skin without any thick messy additives such as an emulsifier. A basic cream needs to have some type of thickening agent while a water product hydrates purely on it's own. Some skin mists and essence water benefits are listed below. Keep in mind each mists works differently according to a targeted skin concern. 

Provides shine control on oilier skin types.

 Provides a refreshing pick me up throughout the day with aromatic essential oils that invigorates.

 Provides a base for your anti-aging products by locking in added moisture.

Provides your skin with natural radiance and casts a soft illuminating glow on dull skin.

Provides anti-aging  benefits provided the formula contains ingredients for younger looking skin.

Provides flawless finish as the last step of your make-up routine to set foundation for longer wear.

Provides a boost of maximum hydration and relief on dry, parched skin.

Using A Mist
Close your eyes and spray the mist about ten to twelve inches away from your face then spritz.

Use a facial mist to help cool down your skin in extreme warm weather.

You can apply a mist directly on the skin using your hands before applying serum and or moisturizer.

Apply a facial mist as a make-up setting spray after your applied your powder.

When traveling on an airplane, a mist is a great way to provide nutrients and moisture to your face.

My own facial mist products featured here starting with the least expensive:
Olos Natura Soothing Tonic: A natural, soothing tonic that's sprayed on the face any time of day to soothe, and protect skin from the harsh pollutants. Made with wild forest berries, smells delicious and is hypo-allergenic.

Nude Hydrating Water: Vanilla and rose hydrating water spray is perfecting after cleansing. It primes and protects my skin.

Caudelie Beaute Elixir: Refreshes the complexion for instant radiance with grape, orange blossom, rose, balm mint, and rosemary. Provides a great glow and refreshes tired skin. It's anti-bacterial working as an astringent and tightens pores.
Pevonia Myoxy-Caviar Timeless Repair Lotion: Enriched with caviar and hyaluronic acid, this refreshing alcohol-free lotion hydrates. Perfects cleansing for evidently smoothed wrinkles, increased suppleness, greater oxygenation, and rejuvenation. It's primary benefits are to complete the cleanse, remove tap water impurities, and prepare the skin for further treatment. It's smells heavenly with a sharp citrus nose and gives off an incredible glow.

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist: Modeled after the Queen of Hungary's exact recipe, this contains mineral healing waters and is expensively priced under a hundred dollars for a few ounces. The scent is like fresh salted sea water, orange blossom, rose and has a slight apple dry down. It's an aromatic toner that promises to deliver minerals to the deepest layers of your skin. It refreshes, illuminates and works as a setting spray. It supports collagen and works as an antioxidant against free radicals. It's a splurge one makes when looking to buy something luxurious. 

Article published on Influenster's The Hub beauty review section
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  1. Congrats girl! Your article was full of helpful information <3

  2. Great article. I'm waiting for you to post a review on the Queen of Hungary mist. Everywhere I search for it there's really no in depth info.

  3. congrats! i liked reading your article xx

  4. Thank you. I appreciate the comments here and those left at Influenster. XOXO

  5. Can you please do a full review for the Hungary water spritz. I'm reading about it everywhere but with little information on how it works :)


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