Christian Louboutin Nail Colour: Nude + Noir + Pop

left to right: Lady Twist (Prussian Blue), Just Nothing (Sand Beige) and Lova (although from the pop collection and appears bright it shows up very dark on the nails even with one coat)

 So I went off the deep end throwing caution to the wind and purchased three bottles of the new Christian Dior Nail Colour, one from each collection: The Nudes, Noir and Pop. The only reason I was able to buy these lust worthy treats was by using one of  my birthday gift cards. And I'm already having a case of buyers remorse. Lova (purple) has already been returned to the store due to it's hideous color and am feeling quite embarrassed for myself for having kept the other two. I'll chalk it up to one of those self indulgent crazy beauty junkie buys. I'm not looking to burst anyone's bubble but it's just nail polish and nothing more. While the bottle is extravagantly gorgeous paying tribute to the iconic Louboutin shoe heel, this will not make your nails look any better than the polish you find at your local drugstore. If you can afford to splurge on a loubies it will look quite lovely sitting on your vanity table. For everyone else, try not to follow in my frivolous footsteps and save your money for something you'll really need. Buying this nail colour on a mere whim is a psychological flight of fancy. Girls see pretty things, girl wants pretty things. It's sad... I know.

A long-wearing, nail lacquer that imparts luxe, glossy color in just one coat. Christian Louboutin Nail Colour provides nails with the superior shine effect of actual lacquer. This chip-resistant polish leaves nails with high-gloss color in just one coat, and two coats creates the layered effect of traditional nail lacquer. Inspired by calligraphy and paint brushes, the design of the sculpted, tall cap allows for an artistic experience with every swipe. The customized, triangle-blush picks up just the right amount of product, applying the highly-pigmented nail color with flawless coverage. This bottle itself is a beautiful art object that is meant to be enjoyed as much as the color, and it invites women to enjoy a luxurious application experience. Inspired by the iconic sole of every Christian Louboutin shoe, it is more than just a traditional nail product. 

 Formula: the polish goes on smoothly and surprisingly dries rather quickly. I found that it was slightly more fluid than most nail polish that seem heavy but it doesn't clump or leave air bubbles on the nail. Other than that there's nothing extra special about the polish itself. I want to note here that the colors are darker than they appear in the bottle and from the brand product images. 

Colors: Lova is described as a bright purple but it's disgustingly darker on the nails, even with one coat and even darker than you see from my swatch photo. I sent this back for a refund. Being from the bright pop collection, Lova should have been more of a lovely violet. This upset me because it's the one shade I wanted to love out of all of them. Lady Twist (noir collection) is described as a Prussian blue shade. Honestly it appears more on the teal side but it does have a bluish hue when applied on the nails. On my swatch it appears pretty true to shade with the exception you do see more of a blue tint. I think I'll be using this color often during the winter months. Finally we have Just Nothing (nude collection), a sand beige tone and true to shade. It's lighter than what you see in the swatch because it's more opaque and the cotton swab makes it appear darker and dull. It's a really pretty natural color. I want to mention that a few of the tops were smashed and the shipping department sent them out anyway. If a client pays fifty dollars for a product they should have the sense to make sure it's not defective before sending them to customers. Also the darker cap tops feel like thrifty plastic material where as the silver top for the nude collection is actual hardware and of better quality. The design team should have created all of the caps in silver hardware because they look better and are well constructed. The black caps are just flimsy and smash easily. The only real fabulous part is the diamond cut glass bottle. At least I'll be able to recycle the jar and refill with my polish of choice when the product is emptied because the opening is large enough. I'm definitely not going to chuck these babies in the trash. The real disgust I feel with myself is that the product isn't cruelty free or at least I don't think so because it's not labeled as such. I'm kicking myself for buying them. I hope I learn my lesson and make better choices in the future. There you have it. Opinions? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Sephora, Christian Louboutin Nail Polish $50 


  1. I had a hard time deciding which color to buy. I chose the pink nude and love the bottle. The price tag is a killer though <3

  2. They are really expensive for nail polish. I can't help to love the bottles though... and the nude color looks quite nice. I'm glad these aren't sold in Sweden cause I would probably not be able to resist to buy some just for the bottle which is really stupid but I just can't resist pretty things...

  3. Kashaya, yes, it's all about the bottle! Lol.

    Thanks for the love.

  4. ohhh I just love that Lady Twist shade :)

  5. They look pretty but cost way too much. At least you're getting a refund.


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