If you follow my instagram account then you already know I was surprised with this dream gift on my birthday last month, The Canon Rebel T3 Camera and the Canon 75-300mm lens. Words can't describe how excited I was but for some reason it took me about a month just to unbox it. My apprehension over not being able to work it probably started playing on my nerves. Well I'm happy to report that I finally had a chance to use my rebel after I was asked to submit an article using professional grade photos. It's a bit much to take in all at once and the task of attaching the strap alone took me quite some time. And I'm pretty sure it's not attached properly either. The manual is absolutely no help. It's like gibberish! The instructions for finding the zoom button was lost on the pages like an abstract puzzle. Ugh. For now this baby is set on automatic until I play around with it and learn how to use it properly. While the lens that comes with this camera is really great the extra zoom lens that was a separate gift is fantastic! The size is slightly larger and heavier when attached to the camera frame so I'm using the included lens for now. Here's hoping I could improve my image quality for future product reviews and give you guys a decent run down of  the Rebel's performance. For now I'll be lost in translation trying to get my Helmut Newton on! Stay Beautiful! XOXO


  1. Once again - congrats dear!!! :) it will take time to figure out how to work with it to achieve best results but it's so worth it!!! good luck ;)

  2. lucky! i would be freaking right now xx

  3. You must have been so excited! Have fun learning how to use it <3

  4. Thanks all! I'm trying to learn while still using my old craptacular camera. Lol. XOXO


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