Inside The VitaVox Box!

As most of my Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter followers already know, this is the latest Influenster campaign that I was selected to be part of, the VitaVoxBox. I shared my opinions and photos with you guy's on all my other social media platforms and wanted to do a blog post about it today. My favorite product would have to be the Soft Lip Cube lip balm because of it's silky moisturizing formula without the waxiness of other balms. It's perfect for my sensitive lips! The Pure Leaf tea really tastes like strong fresh brewed tea and has natural ingredients without any artificial colors and we love that. As from my past reviews the Playtex Fresh Balance Sport tampons have great protection and odor shield so you can play hard instead of sitting on the sidelines. The hardest product to test was the Bikini Ready gummy chews. The suggested serving is five pieces and my packet only had two so I couldn't tell you if they gave me that burst of energy or helped my metabolism as stated from the manufacturer. The initial taste was a fruity flavor that soon dissipated into a medical after taste. With a better flavor formula and more product to test out I would consider giving it another try since I'm always experiencing  periods of low energy throughout the day. You can read my review for the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future serum in the previous post below this one. It's a glow enhancing skin serum that makes your face radiates and feel softer. And as I mentioned in my review for the First Degree burn cream, it really came in handy when I was cooking in the kitchen. I'm accident prone and always burn myself while baking and this cream took the sting out of the burn and calm down my inflamed skin. A great essential household product to always have on hand for emergencies. For more information, images and my reviews please check all my social media links listed at the top of the page. Now go out and try some of these amazing products! Stay beautiful! XOXO

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