E.L.F. Disney Princess Collection: Snow White + Ariel

 My Ariel Beauty Book from last month's collection

 Last year E.L.F. cosmetics launched their Disney Villain Collection then last month it was the Ariel Treasure Within Beauty Book from the limited edition for the Disney Princess Collection and now it's a tribute to the fairest of them all, Snow White. I wasn't planning on buying anything from the set because I figured they were cosmetics geared more towards teenagers but after spotting the Ariel book in a drug store last month I purchased it on an impulse. The seashell silver foil mirror on the inside of the box had me hooked and well I'm pretty sure I was a mermaid in a past life so that was that. The palette was set aside and completely slipped my mind so I apologize. I have been working on another project and my blogging time has been limited but I will add images as soon as I return from a short break. The moment I saw the Snow White pieces in the store I grabbed every one! Seriously. I had to add these to my collection even if just for the adorable packaging. I know. This is truly sad. Love Snow White. Don't care. Don't judge me. Plus the prices start at $4.95 and up which is super cool and affordable. As for the product quality, it's actually all make-up from the ELF line with the exception of the Disney artwork on the packaging. So if you're familiar with ELF cosmetics then it's pretty much the same. I'll be taking a short break from the blog partly because of my birthday and mostly because I'm working towards finishing another creative project which is important to me so please have some patience while you wait for my upcoming reviews on these items. In the meantime you can buy them either for yourself if you love collecting Disney merchandise or as cute gift's for teenagers. And actually the shadows, lip gloss and blushes are quite pigmented to use as decent adult cosmetics as well. Don't lie, how many of you want a few pieces? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Mass Retail, Drug Store, Walmart, Walgreen $4.95 to $15.00


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