Hey blog member's! I'm letting you guy's know that as of now Venus Loves Virgo is officially on a break. It's my birthday soon and I desperately needed some time off. Also as I mentioned before I'm working hard on completing a creative project and want to throw all my free time and energy into that. It won't be a long break so hopefully normal blogging should resume in a few weeks. Don't worry I'll still be tweeting and posting products and stuff on my Instagram account. A thank you for all the lovely post comments and support to my long time subscribers and to all the newbies who decided to follow. I hope everyone continues to have an amazing fantastical summer! Stay Beautiful! XOXO


  1. That cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday!

  2. Have a lovely break hun. I will be following you on instagram during you blog break.=)

  3. Have an amazing time! Happy Birthday!

  4. Have a good birthday Maria :)

  5. Thank you all! It was a really good birthday.


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