I caved. After vowing never to purchase any other Urban Decay Naked Skin foundations due to being disappointed from the bad shade match from both shade 1 and 2, I finally purchased the 0.5. I'm not going to review this product because I already reviewed it and if your interesting in reading my thoughts about this foundation that link can be found by clicking here: Urban Decay Naked Review. This quick post is just to show you a swatch of the 0.5 and talk about the color on my skin.

Shade Match: I have to admit this is as close to a decent match as I usually find with brand foundations. My skin is a fair (very pale yellow base tone) color that needs foundations with neutrality. What I love is that the 0.5 is light porcelain with minimal beige or deep yellow pigments but unfortunately after a couple of hours it oxidizes and darkens casting a slight beige hue on my skin. If they only took out all the red pigments perhaps it would be a perfect match. Out of the tube and on  my skin after blended it appears like it's an exact match but outdoor in natural light you can see the beige show up albeit very minimal and slight it still doesn't match with my super pale neck line. Also it's not that great in terms of coverage. This is a close one but no cigar as the saying goes. Ugh. Stay beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Sephora Urban Decay Naked, $36


  1. Well.. I still want to try it desperately :D

  2. The number for my skin shade didn't match me one hundred percent either.


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