Sephora Single Ribbon Hair Ties

 I purchased three of these Sephora Single Ribbon Hair Ties only because I needed to add a few dollars more for a promotion fulfillment to my order and they cost $1 each. I wasn't expecting any type of great hair tie but they do the job for a single ponytail. My hair is very thick and curly so it was surprising to see the tie hold but only if wrapped around once. It has a nice stretch to it and they look adorable even though they will eventually stretch out. Hey for a dollar, right? I bought two kelly green and one bright pink tie. It's nice to know you can still buy something for a buck! Stay beautiful! XOXO

A no-tug ribbon hair tie that comes in an assortment of dazzling colors. Sleek and elegant, this comfortable hair tie makes any ponytail pretty. Perfect for your purse or gym bag, it won’t leave creases and even looks stylish on your wrist between uses.

Availability: Sephora Single Hair Tie Ribbon $1


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