Sephora Liquid Moisturizing Skin Concentrate

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This review is for the Sephora Liquid Moisturizing Skin Concentrate which I purchased last week and wouldn't you know it, today it went on sale. Suffice it to say I stocked up because the product works really well on my skin type and the large size is a fabulous value. My favorite DDF skin booster costs over fifty dollars so this lotion is decent considering it's not a designer brand. Plus the lotion is pink! 

A liquid moisturizer with the power of a serum and the lightness of a toner. Get skin that is perfectly hydrated, even, and radiant. This miraculous formula helps prepare the skin to absorb moisturizer while a plant-based sugar extract also works to smooth, illuminate, and refine the skin's texture. This concentrate is a true performance booster. Applied before your usual moisturizer, it increases its hydrating power by up to 25 percent for moisture that lasts all day. This product is dermatologically tested, non comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
Formula: The consistency of this lightweight pink lotion is fluid, it's water based with a slight slick residue but without any stickiness. It's meant for use under your favorite serum or moisturizer right after you cleanse your face. My skin type is generally normal with the occasional dryness during the winter months but lately it's been more dry than usual. I'm pretty sure it's because I don't get enough vitamins or drink enough water. After application on my face I find that it absorbs quickly leaving behind no residue. It also doesn't effect your moisturizer and or foundation which is am added plus because I thought it was going to flake away. However, I did notice that when I used this with certain matte foundations it made blending my foundation harder as if it dried up on the skin. This is probably due to the type of foundation and a reaction one of the ingredients probably had with the lotion. All in all it left my skin soft, radiant and helped with the dry patches. I'm not sure how it reacts on oilier skin but it does dry off rather quickly, these results are for my skin type. The bottle size is a large 6.76 fluid ounce which should last well over six months as typically one ounce works in a month. You really need just a slight pat of this on your hand to your face as it's fluid and spreads easily all over. The directions say use a cotton pad but I find that's a waste and using your clean hands allows you to blend better and not waste any product on the pad.

Bottom Line: For a great moisturizing booster that's affordable, cruelty free, gives your skin a nice glow and is housed in a generous large bottle, this get's my approval. If you have a dry skin type you will appreciate the added softness and moisture this gives your skin. It's not rich in moisture as it absorbs dry but it gives your skin that added fresh edge. I hope they don't stop making this because it went on sale and I'm glad I stocked up on a few bottles. Have you tried this? Stay beautiful! XOXO

Availability: Sephora Liquid Moisture Booster $22 Sale $11


  1. i like the sale price xx

  2. My skin is dry and this sounds like it could be helpful. Great review.

  3. They cancelled the sale and listed it at it's original retail price. Bummer <3


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