left to right: Central Park, Upper East Side, Soho
left to right: Central Park (refined peach) Upper East Side (elegant nude) Soho (red)

When I first saw the new Lipstick Queen Liptropolis gift set from the Lipstick Library Volume 1 collection I didn't even hesitate and snatched it up. I'm a huge silent film addict and Fritz Lang's iconic masterpiece Metropolis is one of my favorite silent movies of all time. In honesty I probably purchased the set more for the Gotham inspired box than for the actual colors. I believe they messed up the color names that corresponds to each lipstick and in my opinion those colors aren't that indicative of classic New York style. There should have been lipstick of a darker fierce red, any shade of bright orchid or and a dark flesh toned beige. Those are what I would define as typical New York lipstick. But that's just me so. Maybe it's just what the designer thought typical of these three particular neighborhoods and not what makes up all of New York City women. I also wish they added more of a flair in the design elements as a tribute to the movie Metropolis, such as the lipstick incorporating character names from the film. In any case, the silver foiled box is beautiful and the product is of good quality. New York ladies, what do you think? Does Liptropolis represent your city? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

"I have often said I can tell if a New York subway train is going up town or downtown by the passengers' lip color so I decided to put my money where my mouth is and create a trio of lipsticks inspired by the different neighbourhoods of New York City." Poppy. Liptropolis tells the story of Lipstick in the City and is a tribute to chic women in cities everywhere! Inspired by the Fritz Lang film Metropolis, with Manhattan as muse, the book opens to reveal a complete New York wardrobe of lipstick shades. Liptropolis is the first edition in the Lipstick Library, a collectable storybook series of lipstick trios. And now, due to popular demand, these three ultra-wearable shades are available as singles! The formula is not as sheer as Saints, and not as opaque as Sinners, Great color laydown, Hydrating formula with a super moist sheen, Universally flattering shades. 

Formula: The formula is creamy and well pigmented. They apply easily and without bleeding which is a huge plus. You get decent wear and high impact shine. They are on the semi-sheer with buildable coverage. As for the colors: Central Park (refined peach) Upper East Side (elegant nude) Soho (red) I feel they aren't true to the shade names. For instance, Central Park is a really bright coral and Upper East side is more of a peach than a nude. I wouldn't classify this as any type of nude shade whatsoever. Soho is a blue-based red which is gorgeous but way too bright in my opinion to be listed as a vixen red. The concern here is that women who buy this offline without seeing them and only going by the description might be put off when they actually get the box home. With that being said, I don't dislike the colors only that I wouldn't have purchased them outside of the collection. Peachy, bright corals are really not my thing although they look okay on me and I guess I can wear them after trying them on. Maybe these shades are more appropriate for more mature city ladies and not trendier gals. What's funny is that I saw Poppy's video and when she swatched them on her skin they looked darker, intense and really pretty. I just feel these shades are too frou frou to be paired up with Metropolis as deep dark red shades were highly coveted during the silent film error. Another case of bad product placement in advertising. They should have named this collection Ladies Who Lunch, more apropos. The packaging however is perfect! Spot on! The printed industrial city is made of a shiny silver foil and printed on the back of the box as well. The tubes are made to resemble the Chrysler building and very stark with a matte gray finish, a fitting tribute to the film. It is slightly difficult to remove the bullets from the box, you gotta nudge them out crimping the packaging. I do like that you at least receive three full size lipsticks for the price of one. The product isn't bad but I'm slightly disappointed as a born and raised New Yorker and a Metropolis fan. Sorry...

Availability: Barneys, Lipstick Queen, Ulta,  Liptropolis $48 3.4 gram


  1. i never heard of the movie but the lipstick colors look bright and the box looks mysterious xx

  2. Great review. I'm going to agree with you on the lipstick style concept in regards to the film. Lipstick Queen makes a good lipstick. I always buy from the brand and I'm glad you shared that in your review.

  3. I bought that mood blue lipstick after you reviewed it, the quality is good. Too bad they didn't add a deep wine lipstick in the box <3

  4. The box looks great but I don't think I would buy these. Not really my kind of colors.

  5. You're all welcome XOXO

    Kashaya, Rachelle, I gave them away to my mother and only kept the box and the red Soho shade. Ha ha!

  6. I agree, more sexier shades should have been part of this.


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