Firstly, allow me to apologize for lack of trend reports or posts in general. I'm working on a side project and have other obligations at the moment but I'm nearing the end, at least I hope so. Plus it feels that whatever is on trend right now seems to be recycled from last season or I've already worked on similar reports of what I thought was going to be popular and now is. So who really wants to see the same repetitious fashion for the umpteenth time. Seriously? How many braid write-ups can a girl write about? If you click the trend link you'll probably find a dozen posts on hot hair or braid trends that are still going strong. Anyway, a quickie post today on the Polka Dot Trend. You'll be seeing them a lot everywhere. I even spied a plethora of gorgeous bed sheets and comforters sets with colorful dot patterns. And if your into nail art, bright dots are huge right now. For me, polka dots are feminine, flirty and extremely youthful. It's one of those patterns that adds a touch of whimsy to everything it touches and is always a timeless classic. Who's ready to play connect the dots this summer? Stay beautiful! XOXO


  1. So you wrote about dots too today.=) I love those dotted Converse.

  2. I love Polka Dots :D For me and for my daughter :D
    PS.: Converse in Polka dots is must have :D


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