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Recently I was sent a couple of Tangle Teezer Salon Elite Sugared Almond Brushes from the New! Limited Edition collection in the sweet lilac and sweet peppermint colors. I've mentioned these adorable styling tools a few times before but never had the pleasure of trying them for myself so it was such a treat to receive both of them and of course you guy's know how happy lilac or purple colored gadgets make me. Launched in 2007, these innovative tools change the way we brush our hair forever. Suited to all hair types, they glide effortlessly over wet or dry hair as well as weaves and extensions. The design has uniquely structured teeth to flex over feisty tangles without any tugging.

 Sugared Almonds are a Limited Edition for summer. They give professional results in the palm of your hand. Detangling wet and dry hair without any tugs or pulls, it has an innovative centralized concave design that delivers firm, salon style brushstrokes from roots to ends. Perfect to pick-up-your-preening pace! These are the three stages to gorgeous looking hair and we have a hairbrush that helps you every step of the way.Yes, our patented teeth are used on all our hairbrushes, but it’s the functionality and creative design of each one that helps make up your complete haircare cycle. Each stage is as individual as your hair. Prices including tracking £11.20

Material/Use: This is the salon elite brush which is similar to the original with a couple of minor differences. Salon Elite is a professional product that contours the head, giving a root-to-tip perfect brushstroke. The Original is suited to hair that loves a lot of end brushing. I find this elite series to be better suited for my hair type which is curly and mostly brushed when wet out of the shower. The comb is made of a lightweight plastic and feels like it has virtually no weight to it allowing you to brush your hair for longer times more comfortably. The comb fit snugly in my palms and brushing my hair was a snap. I also love the way it helps me disperse my hair oil product evenly and it didn't pull any of my hair out while I was combing through. There was a slight improvement with less static on my hair as opposed to the usual wide tooth comb I use as well as smoother combed through locks.

Bottom Line: Tangle Teezer offers a wide variety of different brushes for different hair types. Feel free to check out their website and view the style tip page to give you more insight on the brushes. If your interested in the sugared almond collection then you'll have to act quickly because they will only be around for a limited time. You'll love the way they massage your scalp while brushing your hair and the feminine colors are gorgeous enough to display on your vanity table. I highly recommend these innovative professional hair tools. Which colors will you choose? Stay beautiful! XOXO

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  1. When I figure out the foreign exchange rate I'm buying one or two <3

  2. OMG! Totally adorable!

  3. My niece would love the peppermint one. :p

  4. Hey hey hey!! Look who is here, he he ;)
    Just created my new blog!

    Coming back to your post - I love the one in peppermint colour :) Looks really pretty!

  5. I love these! Can't live without mine.=)


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