NEW! Beautyblender sur.face pro + Sponge

*Product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion.*


With the New! BeautyBlender sur.face pro and Beautyblender cosmetic sponge you can be the master creator of your own blank face canvas. When I was a little girl I would take an empty artist palette from a family friend and pretend to use it for colorful make-up and paint my face. Who would have guessed they actually would make a product for this very purpose. It's the most practical beauty tool ever, especially for us girls who can't seem to find the right foundation match and are always making such a mess mixing and blending different colors all over our hands and little plastic storage pots. Other fun features include a numbered clear film that you can write on with a marker and a tight locking lid to store the blended foundation you mixed up for multiple uses. Exclusively at Sephora.

A Professional-quality mixing palette for exact color matching and creating infinite shades. Mix and match like the pros. This ultramodern palette makes it easy to mix up your makeup for custom creations and flawless color matching. Five numbered storage wells organize your blends and a clear, snap-on cover keeps them protected. The palette is easy to clean and comes with a dual-ended spatula for mixing. The palette’s thumbhole doubles as a resting place for your beautyblender sponge and snap-tight lid makes travel simple. Retail $40

Use/Construction: The sur.face pro mixing palette is constructed of a very thick durable plastic about a generous 5 inches in diameter and almost 1 inch thick, allowing for lots of room to mix at your hearts content. There are 5 potted areas to blend, one raised thumb hole to grip the palette while you work and a clear numbered film that covers the pots allows you to mark the foundation color name for each pot so you always remember the product poured out. Included is a long center spatula for mixing and finally a thick lid that closes tight so your make-up stays fresh and spill proof. The surface you write on with a marker can be wiped away and the sur.face pro can be thrown into a travel bag or purse without any spilling. Whether you use a foundation brush or the incredible beautyblender sponge, there's lots of room to dab and press the excess foundation before applying it on your face. What I absolutely love about this is that after I mix my perfect blend of foundation I can store the unused batch for the next use and it still stays fresh! No more storing my special blend make-up in little canisters only to find it has evaporated the next day. The film and tight lid keeps everything perfectly fresh for me! The thumb hole makes it easy to grip in your hand and it also has endless possibilities when used as a lipstick or eyeshadow pigment palette. Cleaning up is a snap. 

BeautyBlender Sponge: This is my first time using the beautyblender sponge and love it! It's so lightweight and airy allowing for the perfect finish on my face. I love the gentle bounce action of stippling the foundation on my face without any brush strokes to worry about. Plus the pointed edge allows for me to work around my nose and the corners of my eyes beautifully. The end result is an air-brushed looked and a flawless cover application. I seriously love this more than my brushes and makes an excellent compliment the sur.face pro palette when used together.

Availability: Sephora Beautyblender sur.face Pro $40 Sponge $19


  1. i want this so bad but it's expensive. time to save up xx

  2. What a great idea you suggested to use this as a lip palette. I don't need this for my foundation since I find my shade easily instead I have plenty of broken lipstick tubes I can mash in the pots to not waste them.

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  4. It looks unusual and at the same time fun to use. Forty dollars seems pricey for this.

  5. Thanks for the love. I'm getting a lot of hits on the post. I see everyone is curious. XOXO

  6. Never seen it before.. Looks like an artist's palette :D

  7. Thank you for this! I purchased it at PHAMExpo because of your awesomesauce review


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